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Icone Personal Data

Personal Data Protection

Protect Data Privacy is a strategic challenge for all Companies.
The Droon Platform offers an unique way to secure and control communication of sensitive personal data, subject to privacy and GDPR compliance, using Blockchain

Icone blockchain

Digital Identity for Objects

The Droon platform offers innovative features for Digital Twins, data certification and traceability around Objects, Goods or Assets all along their life-cycle, developing Trust thanks to perfect Data Quality

Icone collaboration


Our platform, build around Blockchain, regulates collaboration between actors contributing to a project, exchanging information, building agreements, developing business in collaboration or interacting in a common ecosystem

In Droon, we think Data

Data is the strongest value driver for business, but also its weak point

The combination of Blockchain and Cryptology
allows to master your data even in an open environment.

Our tools control Data all along its life,
from creation to storage, use, share and archive.

You protect your data from fraud or loss,
you accelerate your business thanks to safe, trusted and qualified data.

Your Data’s value increases with time,
from roots to leaves.

Trusted and Quality in Data
is paramount for AI and Process Automation


Aerospace and Defence


Luxury Goods and Arts

Icone transport data blockchain


Icone data industry

Data Industry (AI, IoT, Big Data)


Finance & Insurances

Press and communication

Press and communication

Logistic blockchain

Logistics & Supply-chain


Government and Administration

Droon design

Our platform brings your Data to the next level

Unsecure data storage and protection open the door to fraud, theft, corruption.
Duplication and transfer of information cut the link with the data history.
Who is the original creator ? Is this data still valid ?
How can we reconcile data protection and need for greater and faster collaboration in open ecosystems ? Automation or Artificial Intelligence won’t develop until we can be sure they are fed with trustable data.

Big Data analysis can’t bring solid result if the data used is of poor Quality.

Share and control Qualifed Data is this key challenge that adresses the DROON Platform.

Personal Data Privacy

DROON Protect Personal Data in a GDPR compliant mode and still makes it usable for your Business.

The DROON platform is the best way to store, protect and share Personal Data.

Personal Data is not anymore collected by all and every Service provider. 

Personal data is collected by a trustable agent who re-distributes on demand the minimum quantity of information required by external Service providers and users.

Personal data is not anymore dispersed, People can find through a trustable agent the way to take control back on their privacy.

Companies are not anymore at risk against cyber-attacks, GDPR rules breaches or weaknesses.

Companies get a strong KYC tool for Identification and Customer intimacy.

Application : Companies or Administration handling Personal datas facing GDPR regulation

Personal Data privacy droon
Digital identity for objects and assets

Digital Identity for Objects and Assets

With DROON, Companies put their products, their assets in the center and can manage their data from A to Z, from cradle to grave.

Our platform is powered by blockchain technology. This allows to ensure data protection, traceability control, immutability, privacy, change control, information exchange, data certification, auditability, … with one tool.

Our platform supervises data exchanges within your IT infrastructure or Cloud and with your partners, suppliers or Customers.

Your products and your projects data is robust, trustable, auditable and secure.

You can finally trust your data and build on it.

Business application : Consumer products as Luxury goods, Art, industrial products as aircrafts, cars, military vehicles, … 


Collaboration requires Trust. Trust on the information shared, trust on the process and how partners apply rules.

The future is build on large ecosystem of partners, collaborating together, under a strict control and a set of rules and regulation.

Blockchain is the perfect technology to harmonize, regulate, operate networks of partners to ensure trust, efficiency and eventually profitability.

Our platform is pre-set infrastructure for data control, collaboration, traceability, consensus and validation, certification and workflow automation.

Business application : Supply chain, Insurance, Energy management, Construction, Legal, …


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